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Top Five Hair Loss Cure Facts

Posted on April 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

Getting the wrong kind of information about hair loss cure is the first step to getting ineffective treatment. Here are some important facts that might help you get the right treatment for your specific condition.

Fact #1: Androgenetic alopecia is the most common form of hair loss.

Once and for all, it has been determined that 95% of hair loss cases that need treatment are caused by genes and hormones. Some individuals are born with a genetic sensitivity to the hormone DHT that causes hair loss. DHT is present in both men and women in varying amounts. It binds itself to the receptors in the hair follicles and causes the follicles to shrink. Existing hair will therefore fall out and new hair will be unable to replace whatever is lost. It is because of this main cause of this that a cure could either focus on blocking DHT or nourishing the scalp and hair.

Fact #2: There are other causes of hair loss.

In rare cases, there could be other possible causes of hair loss, each of which may require a different treatment. Some serious disorders and diseases such as anemia, diabetes and autoimmune disorders could lead to some degree of hair loss. People who also experience extreme physical or emotional stress may also experience temporary hair loss.

Fact #3: There are medical hair loss cure options.

Individuals suffering from androgenetic alopecia may benefit from some medicines and medical procedures for hair loss. So far, there are two hair loss medicines approved for hair loss for men and one for women. As some would know though, these medicines usually take time to take effect and may not always provide overly dramatic results. Some also say that there are minor side effects.

Another option would be to go for surgery. This option is believed to be the most effective. It is however, quite expensive. Common sense would say that surgical methods also naturally have their own risks of side effects.

Fact #4: There are good hair loss products but there are also scams.

If you are not too enthusiastic over medical options, then you can always go for natural choices. You should be careful though. Although there are really effective natural blockers and nourishing products, there are also a handful of scam products from manufacturers who are only after ripping consumers off of their hard earned cash. The products that you should be most wary of are those that promise miracle cures.

Before you settle for any natural product, perform your own product and ingredient research. Make sure too to do a thorough product site and content review.

Fact #5: It still makes sense to take care of temporary causes.

A genetic predisposition to hair loss may be difficult to prevent. In this case, nutritional nourishment may not always provide complete hair loss cure. The hair however is still very much a part of our bodies. It still therefore makes a lot of sense to take care of it through proper nutrition, exercise and good habits. Maintain a good diet rich in complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. To ensure that the nutrients reach your scalp and hair, do regular aerobic exercises to help improve blood flow.